I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an exceptional group of students.



  • Luis Zarrabeitia
    Luis Zarrabeitia Currently at Google
    3D Multi-target Tracking in High-Speed Cameras (ABD)
  • Kiran Mantriprigada
    Kiran Mantriprigada
    Hyperspectral imaging


  • Tony Joseph
    Tony Joseph
  • Ahmad Mohammad
    Ahmad Mohammad
  • Mohammed Baeenh
    Mohammed Baeenh
  • Ghazal Reshad
    Ghazal Reshad
  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson


  • Michael Lombardo
    Michael Lombardo NSERC USRA



  • Mohamed Helala
    Mohamed Helala Ph.D. CS
    Towards Efficient and Scalable Computer Vision Systems, August 2018 [link]


  • Wesley Taylor
    Wesley Taylor M.Sc. CS
    Achieving real-rime video summarization on commodity hardware, January 2018
  • David Nemirovsky
    David Nemirovsky M.Sc. CS
    Analyzing atomic structure in nano-scale imagery, April 2017
  • Ryan Shanks
    Ryan Shanks M.Sc. CS
    Towards parallax-based unencumbered displays, Dec. 2015
  • Ernesto Reina
    Ernesto Reina M.Sc. CS
    An index structure for fast range search in hamming space, November 2014
  • Jordan Stadler
    Jordan Stadler M.Sc. CS
    A framework for video driven crowd synthesis, October 2014
  • Wiktor Starzyk
    Wiktor Starzyk M.Sc. CS
    A negotiation protocol with conditional offers for camera handoffs, October 2014
  • Nurjahan Parvin
    Nurjahan Parvin M.Sc. CS
    Robust curved eoad boundary detection using hierarchical clustering, October 2013
  • Zheng Wang
    Zheng Wang M.Sc. CS
    Topic models for image localization, August 2013
  • Raquel Murray
    Raquel Murray MCS
    Computational and laboratory investigations of a model of blood droplet flight for forensic applications, August 2012
  • Christopher Little
    Christopher Little M.Sc. CS
    Ray tracing large distributed Datasets using ray caches, December 2011
  • Gavin Lobo
    Gavin Lobo MCS
    Investigation into Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Non-Newtonian Droplet Modelling, August 2011


Honor Thesis

  • Michael Stergianis
    Michael Stergianis
    Stereo vision: Cost-volume filtering meets deep learning, April 2018
  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson
    Video summarization with early superframe segmentation, April 2018
  • Jose Miguel Mendez
    Jose Miguel Mendez
    A Cloud-based Service for Comparative Genomics, April 2017
  • Robert de Bruyn
    Robert de Bruyn
    An iOS app for Document Scanning, April 2017
  • Wesley Taylor
    Wesley Taylor
    Vision-Based High-Performance Highway Vehicles Analytics, April 2015
  • Pat Goebel
    Pat Goebel
    Fast Image Matching using ORB and Multi-Index Hashing, April 2014
  • Carly Marshall
    Carly Marshall
    Privacy Protected Video Surveillance, April 2014
  • David Nemirovsky
    David Nemirovsky
    Object Detection and Annotation in Videos for Location Recall, April 2014
  • Stephanie Gloin
    Stephanie Gloin
    Blood Droplet Analysis Using Image Processing and Ellipse Fitting Techniques, April 2013
  • Jordan Stadler
    Jordan Stadler
    Interactive Online Image Stitching for Panoramic Image Generation, April 2012
  • Tony Chuang
    Tony Chuang
    Dynamic Crowd Simulation, April 2012
  • Jonathan Elliot
    Jonathan Elliot
    Regression of Graph Images using Piecewise Interpolation, April 2012
  • Wiktor Starzyk
    Wiktor Starzyk
    Virtual Vision Simulator for Smart Camera Network Research, April 2011
  • M. Tanvir Kaykobad
    M. Tanvir Kaykobad
    A Study on Simulating Formation and Movement of a Group of Agents, April 2011
  • Alex Wijtowych
    Alex Wijtowych
    A Sliding Model for Estimating Traffic Density, April 2010
  • Bradley Chicoine
    Bradley Chicoine
    An Online System for Visualizing UOIT Class Schedules, April 2010

Research Assistants

  • Michael Lombardo
    Michael Lombardo NSERC USRA, Summer 2018
    Content Aware Video Segmentation
  • Michael Stergianis
    Michael Stergianis NSERC USRA, Summer 2016; NSERC USRA Summer 2017
    Long-term Activity Recognition in Construction Sites (2016); Depth Map Estimation using Slanted Windows (2017)
  • Seyed Kamyar
    Seyed Kamyar UTRECS, UofT, Summer 2015
    Surface proposals
  • Ekaterian Datensko
    Ekaterian Datensko UTRECS, UofT, Summer 2015
    Surface proposals
  • Piyush Dugar
    Piyush Dugar
    Machine Learning Approaches to Action Recognition
  • Subham Singhal
    Subham Singhal
    Temporal superpixels
  • Wesley Taylor
    Wesley Taylor Summer 2013; NSERC USRA, Summer 2014; Summer 2015
    Intelligent context-aware video editing; New tools for automatic video editing; Vehicle detection and tracking in traffic cameras
  • Ryan Shanks
    Ryan Shanks Summer 2013
    Investigations into High-Performance Rendering Using CUDA
  • David Nemrovsky
    David Nemrovsky Summer 2013
    LED based indoor localization
  • Jordan Stadler
    Jordan Stadler Summer 2011
    Vision-based lift analysis using Microsoft Kinect
  • Wiktor Starzyk
    Wiktor Starzyk Summer 2010; Summer 2011
    A Cognitive Camera Network; Learning proactive control strategies for PTZ cameras
  • Adam Domurad
    Adam Domurad Summer 2010; NSERC USRA, Summer 2011, Best poster, Student research showcase, Faculty of Science
    Color based pedestrian tracking; Pedestrian tracking using a visual analysis pipeline
  • Tanvir Kaykobad
    Tanvir Kaykobad Summer 2010
    Dynamic path planning for crowd simulation

Student Theses