Author Instructions

Paper Formatting

Papers are limited to eight pages. Please use the CVPR 2013 author kit to format the papers. The workshop chairs reserve the right to reject papers violating the paper length and formatting instructions outright, without review.

Paper Submission

WCNWASA 2013 Online Submission System

Supplemental Material

The submission of supplemental material is optional. Such material may include videos of results that cannot be included in the main paper, anonymized related submissions to other conferences and journals, and appendices or technical reports containing extended proofs and mathematical derivations that are not essential for the understanding of the paper. The contents of the supplemental material should be referred to appropriately in the paper and authors should note that reviewers are not obliged to peruse it. For further details refer to CVPR author guidelines.

Double Blind Reviewing

WCNWASA2013 reviewing will be double blind: authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors. Please see the author kit for detailed explanations of how to ensure this.

Simultaneous Submissions

In submitting a paper, authors implicitly acknowledge that no paper of substantially similar content has been or will be submitted to another conference or workshop until CNWASA 2011 decisions are made.


Registration information will be provided in the main CVPR 2013 page.