A modular approach to image matting

Mir Afgan Talpur1
Visual Computing Lab1
Faculty of Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2000 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa ON L1G 0C5


This work proposes a method that bridges the gap between the performance of trimap-based networks and the convenience of trimap-free networks. Here image matting is divided into three subproblems: 1) image segmentation, 2) trimap generation, and 3) trimap-based image matting. The result is a trimap-free method for image matting with the added advantage that user can guide the matting procedure by tweaking the generated trimaps. Our assumption is that “fixing” a trimap is far less work than “fixing” the matte post hoc.


A modular design

Comparison with P3M-Net and ModNet schemes

Comparison with P3M-Net scheme


Left to right: image, P3M-Net, ours, ground truth.


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