Oct 2, 2018
Michael Lombardo was runner-up in the undergrad category at CSearch 2018. Congrats Michael!
Sep 5, 2018
Our paper on neural networks for DNNs has been accepted at appear at NIPS 2018.
Sep 1, 2018
Welcome Michael Stergianis. Michael has joined the visual computing lab to pursue M.Sc. computer science.
Jun 21, 2018
Our paper on video summarization on commodity hardware has been accepted to appear at 12th ACM International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras 2018.
May 10, 2018
Welcome Hunter Thompson. Hunter has joined the visual computing lab to pursue M.Sc. computer science.
May 10, 2018
Welcome Ghazal Reshad. Ghazal has joined the visual computing lab to pursue M.Sc. computer science.
May 10, 2018
Welcome Michael Lombardo. Michael will be spending his summer in the lab as an NSERC USRA.
Jan 24, 2018
Wesley Taylor successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis on video summarization on commodity hardware. Congratulations, Wesley!
Dec 8, 2017
Check out webify, a python wrapper and a little bit more than that to convert markdown, yaml and mustache content to websites and pdf documents using pandoc.
Sep 12, 2017
Welcome Miguel Jose Mendez. Miguel has joined the visual computing lab to pursue M.Sc. computer science.
Sep 12, 2017
Welcome Kiran Mantripragada. Kiran has joined the visual computing lab to pursue Ph.D. computer science.
Sep 11, 2017
Attending ITEA3 Project Outline Preparation Days 2017 in Berlin.
May 18, 2017
Our paper, "Fast estimation of large displacement optical flow using dominant motion patterns and sub-volume patchmatch filtering" received the Best Computer Vision Paper award at Computer Robot Vision 2017.
Apr 28, 2017
David Nemirovsky successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis. Congrats, David!
Apr 14, 2017
Michael Stergianis will again spend the summer months at VCLab as NSERC USRA. Welcome back, Michael!
Mar 20, 2017
Two papers accepted to CRV 2017.
Jul 3, 2016
Paper presenting formal algebra (for vision streams) implementation accepted to ICDSC 2016
Apr 1, 2016
Michael Stergianis receives NSERC USRA
Apr 1, 2016
Wesley Taylor receives Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Apr 1, 2016
Luis Zarrabeitia joined Google
Feb 2, 2016
Two papers accepted to WACV 2016
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I am a professor of computer science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I also direct the visual computing lab that focuses on problems residing at the intersection of computer vision, visual sensor networks, large-scale processing and computer graphics.

Visual computing lab is involved in number of exciting research problems:

  • coordination and control in ad hoc networks of visual sensor nodes;
  • integration of mobile cameras into traditional video surveillance networks;
  • nano-scale image analysis;
  • multi-object tracking;
  • streaming frameworks for on-line vision systems;
  • crowd synthesis and analysis;
  • depth and motion estimation from image pairs; and
  • virtual vision — 3D software laboratories for camera networks research.

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Video Summarization

Exploring various ways to summarize a video.

Project page

Virtual vision

Advanced computer graphics and vision simulation technologies to serve the needs of camera networks research.

Project page

Video driven crowd synthesis

Motion vectors extracted from crowd videos are used to synthesize artificial crowds.

Project page

Tracking blood droplets in 3D

Extracting three-dimensional flight trajectories of liquid droplets from video data.

Project page

Satellite rendezvous and docking

Cognitive/behavior visual serving controllers for capturing free-flying uncooperative satellites.

Project page

Road boundary detection

Road boundary detection adverse lighting and environmental conditions.

Project page

PTZ camera scheduling

Multicamera control as an online scheduling problem.

Proactive PTZ camera control

Planning ahead for camera handoff and control.

Project page

Object video streams

A privacy framework for video surveillance.

Project page

Multi-tasking PTZ cameras

Behavior-based controllers for passive and active PTZ cameras.

Distributed virtual vision simulator

Scalable virtual vision.

Project page

Camera grouping via local negotiations

Collaborative sensing in camera networks.

Project page

Trie indexing

An index structure for fast range searches in Hamming space.

Project page

Aerial mosaics

Mosaic of Near Ground UAV Videos Under Parallax Effects

Project page

Cost-volume filtering for stereo depth estimation

Accelerated cost-volume filtering for depth analysis

Project page

Cost-volume filtering for optical flow estimation

Cost-volume filtering for fast optical flow estimation

Project page



  • CSCI 5550G - Topics in Digital Media, Fall 2018


  • CSCI 3010U - Simulation and Modeling
  • MCSC 6230G/7230G - Advanced Topics in High-Performance Computing
  • CSCI 1061U - Programming Workshop 2
  • CSCI 4420U - Computer Vision
  • CSCI 2050U - Computer Architecture
  • CSCI 5520G - Computer Vision and Games


From time to time I find myself compelled to do some coding. Below I list some open source software that I have written that you may find useful.